Hi, I'm Ada.

A biomedical engineer turned software development enthusiast.

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Mastermind Game

Using Python - I created a version of the Mastermind game (cows and bulls) implementation where the player guesses a 4 color code. It uses Turtle for the UI and keeps track of the scoreboard by storing data in a text file.

  • Python


Implemented a personalized, simple version of a shell that executes UNIX commands. It includes signal handling for termination, piping between two processes and basic built-in functions.

  • C
  • Terminal

Skills and Technologies

I've worked with a range of Technologies in the web development space from Back-end to Front-end Design.

  • Front-end

    Experience with

  • Back-end

    Experience with
    Node and Databases

  • Python

    Experience with
    OOD and TDD

  • css3

    Experience with
    HTML format content/ structure with React

About me - My Journey So Far

Hello, my name is Ada and I'm currently pursuing a masters degree in computer science with the hope of becoming a Front-end software developer. I spent the better part of my Bachelors in medical device development labs that focused on mechanical design control components and exploratory research at New Jersey Institute of Technology. I was involved in complex projects that focused on hemostasis, regenerative medicine and simulating human biological systems using embedded systems programming in C and arduino circuits. Throughout development of these systems, I found software engineering to be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding facets of programming devices for medical advancement. It was then that I realized my greater love for software development over medical device innovation. I was truly changed by how I think, see the world and solve problems; and still continue in pursuit of new skills to feed my new found passions. Each day forward continues to be a new journey into my interests in machine learning and virtual/augmented reality. I have truly found my niche in software where my creativity as an inventor can truly shine, while also learning and working alongside like-minded individuals in technology. All I can say is "the world of computer science has truly become my oyster"!

Personal Achievements

First full-time internship offer in medical device industry

2021-2022 University GEM Fellowship Scholarship - Received

Mentor Me Collective Teaching Assistant

2019-2020 NSBE Region 1 Executive Torch Chair

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The world is my oyster. I will no longer be afraid!